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21st May 2024

Certificate Ceremony at Yanbu Industrial College

In spring 2012, erp4students has started cooperating with Yanbu Industrial College and Yanbu University College from Saudi Arabia. Right from the start, over 70 students (male and female candidates) from Yanbu participated in the course Integrated Business Processes with SAP ERP (TERP10).

After a challenging spring semester, including the work on our course, those participants who gained a certificate from the University of Duisburg-Essen were recently invited to an exclusive ceremony. They had their certificates handed out by Yanbu’s General Manager of Colleges and Institutions, Dr. Ahmad Dabroom. Fadi Al-Hersh, the responsible cooperation coordinator from Yanbu, was so kind to send us pictures of the event. You can see them on our Facebook page.

We are very happy to see the cooperation with Yanbu flourish in such a way. The idea of a certificate ceremony is brilliant and we hope to see another one next year.

In the current winter term, more than 45 students from Yanbu have enrolled for a course. Thanks for trusting erp4students.

And to those who will now be going for the SAP ERP certification, we say: good luck!

The erp4students team in November 2012

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