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Several new SAP Courses in Winter Semester 2012/13

erp4students has started as a German SAP project in 2006, offering one introductory SAP course. Short after its first semester, however, it became obvious that students from other countries were interested in the course as well. In 2012, erp4students offers 12 courses in German and has managed to translate all but two courses of its program into English.

For students from Europe, the United Kingdom and Ireland several new SAP courses are offered in English for the first time this winter semester. The new courses are

All three areas are highly important for students who aim at a career in the field of SAP-consultancy.

Customizing is the most essential part during any implementation process of a new ERP system. Business processes and enterprise structures need to be mapped by the system in order to fit a company’s needs and allow processes to run as smoothly as possible. Sometimes, however, customizing functions are not enough and individual modules or application have to be built. In cases like these, ABAP is needed – SAP’s own programming language, which allows altering any system in any way. ABAP programming is mandatory in most BI/BW-projects. During the implementation of BI/BW systems many modules have to be programmed from scratch, thus, making ABAP a must-have skillset for SAP consultants.

SAP Business ByDesign is an on-demand ERP system for small and mid-sized business. The concept of such cloud-based software (SaaS – Software as a Service) has already had a decisive impact on the whole IT-landscape. Today, these systems are not yet capable of dealing with huge amounts of data as they occur in very large enterprises. However, it is conceivable that this will change with further developments and innovations in the cloud-sector. For students of the course SAP Business ByDesign, it is great chance to learn how one of the latest SAP products works, and at the same time get an understanding of what they might be dealing with in the future.


After both ABAP courses, students can take the official SAP certification exam at SAP Education. The course “Advanced SAP ERP Customizing” will be offered in the spring term 2013.

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