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21st May 2024

The Team - PR and Marketing

After we have already introduced to you our Tutors and Developer, we now want to bring you nearer our PR and Marketing department. 





Daniel Schnaithmann 

1. Who are you and what´s your job at erp4students?
  • My name is Daniel Schnaithmann and I attend to the areas of PR and marketing at erp4students. That includes, among other things, our presence at fairs, webinars and presentations we organize, as well as maintaining and editing our website or social media, such as facebook and instagram. Furthermore, I´m the contact person for companies and universities concerning potential cooperations. Moreover, I´m responsible for responding to general inquiries via the contact form of our websites - namely the regions DACH, UK/I, MENA, AFRICA, CAN/US und EU. Graphic work also falls within my field of tasks, like designing leaflets, posters or anything else which is relevant (e.g., for our social networking or the website). 

2. For how long have you already been at erp4students and how was your internal development?
  • I´m involved since 2011. In the beginning I did the editing for the scripts as a student assistant until I began to support the PR and marketing team. In 2014 I assumed responsibility for these areas. 

3. What did you do before working for erp4students?
  • Before, I studied German studies and History of Art as a Bachelor. My Master in German studies and Literature and Media Practice I completed in Essen. Experience around content management, social media, PR and marketing I could gain, e.g., at the c/o pop in Cologne, where I worked for half a year as an assistant in these areas. 

4. What is planned for the future in your area?
  • To develop and publish more and more interesting content for our multimedia channels. In addition to that, several rather "unusual" advertising campaigns are planned, such as the participation in some company runs and two parties at 'our' university (campus Duisburg and campus Essen) on the occasion of our tenth anniversary. Finally, our image-film is finished too and will be published by middle of April. And of course we are present on many fairs, as always, and do the webinars :) 

5. You like the work at erp4students because...
  • ... I´ve got a lot of freedom and it is demanding. The projects I am and was involved in were and are always interesting and multifaceted. Here I can suggest and realize many own ideas and at the same time get in contact with many interesting people. What´s more is the pleasant working atmosphere, not at least because of the great team. 

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