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What Do The Others Say - Part 1

Over the last decade, several long, medium and short term cooperations have arisen which enrichened our programme lastingly and made it what it is today. Above all, of course: the cooperations with SAP University Alliances without which erp4students would not exist in this form. Likewise worth mentioning is our long-standing partner Univativ. The Darmstadt-based company successfully serves as a link between young potentials and companies, between vocational training and practice, and carried out many talks, webinars and other actions with us – and will continue to do so in the future.

The short term collaborations also have been a complete success up to now. For instance, the webinar we held together with the colleagues of Accenture in which almost 50 people took part. Furthermore, the interviews with team members of Detecon, Phoron Consulting, Orianda Solutions, Syskoplan Replay and Intense always belong to our website´s most-read editorial content. 

An aspect that still is essential to us is the topic “Women in IT”. Therefore it was especially pleasant that Ms. Prof. Dr. Felizitas Sagebiel from the University of Wuppertal could be won over for a guest commentary. She researches since 2000 in the area “Gender and Engineering” and gave in the context of our article “Women and the Fear of IT” her opinion on development programmes that aim to allow women better access to the “male preserve ITK sector”. 

The good thing about all these collaborations is not only that one could become acquainted with interesting new people and projects but also that they were always based on mutual respect – that is why they were especially prolific. We aim for a long-lasting persistence of these cooperations and wish all the best and good luck to all the projects, programmes, companies, institutions, and of course all people involved, who have worked with us in the last 10 years!


This is what current and former partners say about erp4students:


“If you want to get technically involved, it is recommendable to acquire a certification – e.g., from erp4students. That can make their start into working life easier.” (Dr. Yilmaz Alan, Detecon International GmbH)

“I clearly recommend the participation in the erp4students programme and the corresponding certification. It possibly provides the decisive advantage in the process of application. Moreover, like this students can already get a taste of their later work and SAP becomes more than an abstract term.” (Gregor Nebgen, Orianda Solutions AG)

"At INTENSE we see that candidates with prior knowledge regarding SAP move forward a lot faster and they are more successful in the company than colleagues who had only little or no contact with SAP. Since the courses of erp4students are very practice-oriented, their reputation in companies is from my point of view very good. From a company´s perspective, it is also an advantage if candidates already have completed further educational training before." (Dominik Panzer, Intense AG)

"With a price of 550 Euros*, the courses at erp4students are reasonable, since certified SAP courses often cost several thousand Euros. There are no video tutorials, but scripts that deal alternatingly with theoretical and practical parts. A big plus is mainly that a tutor is available for the participants during the entire course duration. The tutor helps via e-mail with individual, course related issues – also on weekends and during the holidays." (Univativ Webjournal)


* The fee refers to the course "Integrated Business Processes with SAP ERP (TERP10)" for students enrolled at a German university and includes the corresponding SAP certification exam. Fees for students enrolled at other countries may differ. All fees can be seen on our website: http://www.erp4students.org

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