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erp4students: Best Practice Project

At the 1st Conference on Intelligent Networks - Latest Developments and Best Practices, the Federal Ministry of Economy introduces erp4students as a Best Practice Project in the field of education. 
Intelligent Networks are part of the digital infrastructure and comment upon the latest and most influential trends and global challenges. Modern IT solutions are connected to industry-specific technology and thus innovative applications are created which make possible a more efficient and more powerful use of essential infrastructure. By doing so, intelligent networks not only increase the productivity of the whole economic sector but also create new areas of growth.
Considering shared topics such as data security, data protection, acceptance and authentication, the Federal Ministry of Economy searched for German companies and projects and eventually identified positive examples of intelligent networks in the areas education, energy, health, traffic and administration. These examples were introduced in a dedicated conference with experts from politics and economy (Berlin September 2013). In this context, erp4students was presented as Best Practice Example in the area of education. The conference is to be held every year from now on and shall offer reoccurring workshops, talks and monitoring processes, in order to flank the work of the government in developing strategies for intelligent networks and help putting these into practice. The Best Practice Examples help to identify fostering and inhibitory factors based upon which new input and advice can be generated. This information shall be used to optimize future intelligent networks. 


Why is erp4students one of the Best Practice Examples? 


The focus of erp4students is to impart important skills in the field of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) by using SAP software. In several courses, students get faced with diverse problems in the field of ERP. Those will then be conceptually analyzed and theoretical methods will be learned for solving those problems. The learned solution approaches will then be practically applied in case studies within a live SAP System. The project offers a fully web-based learning system by linking technical and didactic components online. Via email, students can interact with tutors and receive answers to all their questions. Additionally, a communication platform allows for interaction amongst all participating students. This platform is also used as a download hub for the course materials. The students' individual learning process is analysed by a custom-made administration software - in real time. Thus, tutors are able to support their students systematically and individually. 

Working on a course and solving case studies can be done from any pc or laptop - anywhere, anytime. Tutors are available every day of the course. The concept of erp4students helps participants to acquire extensive and solution-oriented SAP skills, which eventually means that graduates need less training on-the-job when starting their careers. 
The courses are constantly optimized and translated into additional languages so that they become even more flexible and better fit the individual learning patterns of the students as well as cultural communication differences. This way, an ideal support of an internationally heterogeneous audience can be guaranteed.
To find out more about how the courses work, please visit the erp4students website.

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