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erp4students starts Russian program

Starting the upcoming spring term 2012, erp4students launches its SAP introductory course „Integrated Business Processes with SAP ERP (TERP10)“ in Russian. Registrations are possible right away: www.erp4students.ru

In the last few years, erp4students has been working on a well-established course framework for German- and English-speaking students. Since the English language is very wide-spread, this concept has proved to be very successful – more than 1.400 students from all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East took part in the courses of the last winter semester. However, English skills, especially of students from Spain, Russia or Russian-speaking countries nearby, are often not sufficient to follow the complex contents of an SAP-training. For this reason, erp4students has been focusing on multilingualism, planning translations of its courses into two further world languages.

The Russian TERP10 course is now the first to start, being followed by the Spanish translation at the end of this year, thus, giving many students access to these contents for the first time ever. For these students, this brings about the chance to gather outstanding qualifications aside their regular studies, which will prove very beneficial in future applications. Looking at the prevalence of SAP-software in Russia and its neighbouring countries – Russia being the 4th biggest market for SAP globally – it is obvious that the demand for well-educated students, who already bring SAP-knowledge into their jobs, is very high and not likely to reduce any time soon.

Apart from Russia, students from the following countries can apply for the Russian TERP10 course of the spring term 2012 until May 13th: Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine. The official SAP-certification exam at the end of the course can be taken at one of 14 different locations throughout the region. Detailed information and the registration form can be found on the Russian website: www.erp4students.ru

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