May 2020 - September 2020

SAP Business Warehouse on HANA

SAP is the world's leading provider of enterprise software and therefore also crucial in the area of ​​business warehouse applications. Particularly, SAP Business Warehouse is by far the fastest growing and most prestigious area in the SAP product market. Following the acquisition of Business Objects in 2007, SAP significantly increased its influence in the BW environment and held 13.3% of business warehouse solutions' market share two years later. In 2011, SAP’s market share was nearly twice as high at 23%. In 2011, SAP also launched the first version of SAP HANA which was initially conceived as a data mart solution (an extract or a copy of a partial data within a data warehouse). The core of SAP HANA consists of an in-memory database that uses the much faster RAM of the computer for data storage. That process enables higher performance, which is particularly noticeable when it comes to the evaluation and processing of large amounts of data. Especially, in the context of big data and Industry 4.0, the development of HANA database technology plays a decisive role. SAP Business Warehouse is the basis for many analytical processes within a company’s everyday processes, e. g. in the area of controlling or reporting; in other words, in areas where a lot of data is to juggle. However, many companies are also increasingly using BW applications in departments such as marketing, purchasing, and/or sales. This means that the operation of BW software is not exclusively reserved for senior management. More and more employees in companies work now with BW software (or have to). Through targeted BW-on-HANA migration significant improvements in data storage, data modelling, and data architecture can be achieved now. In addition, as corporate strategies are increasingly linked with day-to-day operations of a business, BW (on HANA) applications can help to optimize processes by saving costs and streamlining operations. A well-founded education and practical experience gained with SAP BW (on HANA) during your studies will therefore impress most employers as a valuable addition to your other skills. Thus, expertise in SAP BW (on HANA) undoubtedly will increase your chances in an application process.


SAP BW on HANA Consultant Certification

erp4students offers three courses in the field of SAP BW on HANA which have to be taken consecutively. Together, these three courses cover the theoretical contents of the SAP-own BW program (consisting of five courses) and, thus, prepare participants for the official SAP BW consultant certification.

The contents of these courses are completely compatible with the corresponding SAP  in-house  trainings, as you can see in the chart below. That means, in case you cannot finish the BW program at erp4students during your time at university, you can still take those in-house courses which you are missing directly at SAP, and then go for the SAP BW certification. 

After each one of the erp4students courses, a certificate from the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences is issued that states the practical work on the system, the course’s contents and the workload of 150 - 180 hours (6 ECTS).

Participants are offered the chance of taking the official SAP certification exam  which is offered in various locations. After passing the exam, the official SAP consultant certificate (C_TBW50H_75) is issued. As a result of our cooperation with SAP University Alliances and SAP Next-Gen we are able to offer the exam at special rates for students.

erp4students Course covers topics of SAP course Price at SAP Fee at erp4students*
Total Fee
 18.280 € + VAT
1.525 €
SAP BW on HANA – Dataflow and BusinessObjects Analysis BW305H and BW310H 7.620 € + VAT 450 €
SAP BW on HANA – Data Acquisition and BusinessObjects Reporting BW350H and TBI30 6.810 € + VAT 450 €
SAP BW on HANA – Data Modeling and BusinessObjects Applications BW330H 3.450 € + VAT 450 €
SAP Exam: C_TBW50H_75
400 € + VAT 175 €

* These rates are only available for students! We can offer the courses at these rates due to our cooperation with SAP University Alliances and SAP Next-Gen.


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