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21st May 2024

How does it work?

The erp4students program was developed to help you acquire major skills for the job market while allowing you maximum flexibility. All our SAP e-learning courses are offered twice a year – one term in May and one in November. The courses run for about 4 months and you will have access to all learning materials as well as to the SAP software 24 hours a day – every day of the course! Throughout these 4 months you will be supported by SAP-certified tutors who are there for you on every day of the course – even on weekends and during semester brakes.


Learning Materials 

At the beginning of the course, you receive an email with your login data. In this email, we explain you how to access the e-learning management system (LMS) as well as the SAP system. In the LMS, you will find all necessary learning materials and the discussion forums. You will also receive the contact details of your support team. After downloading the course materials you will be prompted to install the SAP GUI on your computer or laptop (if necessary). There is a detailed description of the installation process in the first script! The software can also be installed on Linux and Apple computers (when you are interested in a BW course, please see the special system requirements for SAP BW!). Once the software is installed, you can start the course.

Theory and Practice

Every chapter of the scripts is divided into two parts: a theoretical part and a practical part with a case study. The theoretical part holds information regarding the subject and the SAP-system, while the case studies make it possible to actually do practical work on the SAP software! This way, you will be going back and forth between your script and the SAP system.

After finishing a case study you will send your results to your tutor. When everything is correct, he will let you know and you can go on with the next case study. In case of mistakes, the tutor will inform you and give you hints on how to correct mistakes or solve problems. 

The case studies are performed in an SAP education system. Depending on the course, the used IDES (Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System) or GBI (Gateway-BOPF-Integration) represents a fully developed model enterprise. It is based on the standard SAP system.

NOTE: You receive the login data on the first day of the course, not earlier!

Tutor Support on Every Day of the Course!

We know how overwhelming the SAP world is especially to newcomers. That is why we put so much effort into giving you all the support you need. Whenever a question or a problem occurs you contact your tutor! The tutor is available seven days a week – even on weekends and during semester brakes! 

Additionally, the e-learning platform provides forums in which you can perfectly work together with other students and discuss certain aspects of the course.

University Certificate

At the end of the official course period and after finishing all case studies of a course correctly, you will receive a certificate by the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences. The certificate states the course’s contents, the practical work on the SAP system as well as the course’s workload (180 hours / 6 ECTS). This kind of certificate is issued after passing each course. If you take for instance the whole BW on HANA module consisting of three courses, you will receive three university certificates. After completing a module you can go on to take the official SAP certification. 

The university certificate is regarded very highly by HR-departments because it states that you have acquired actual hands-on skills on SAP software as well as valid theoretical knowledge. This is not common because usually these skills are only developed while being on the job. Certification courses for professionals usually focus on important theoretical concepts, however, not allowing a lot of time for work on the actual software. 

The certificate issued by the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences is signed by erp4students project management as well as the university’s Dean of the Economics Department. Since the document states that you put a workload of 6 ECTS into the course, you can apply for recognizing your credits at your university’s examination office. However, the final decision on that lies with your examination office.

Official SAP Certification

After completing all courses in a subject area, you have the opportunity to take part in the official SAP certification exam to special student rates. If you pass the exam, you will receive an official SAP consultant certificate, which is a worldwide recognized seal of quality. The exams can be done comfortably and online from home (also on the weekends).

The theoretical contents of the courses prepare for these examinations and are therefore mandatory.

Further questions are answered in our FAQ section.


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