28th June 2024 - 22nd September 2024

extended until 25th June 2024

General Requirements & Registration

The course „Enterprise Resource Planning with SAP S/4HANA (TS410)“ is the basis for the most parts in the field of SAP you can come across. That is why it is suitable for participants with less knowledge or experience in SAP software. A further benefit of this course is that on account of the cooperation with SAP University Alliances, you will have the opportunity to complete a low-priced certification exam. If you pass this certification exam, you will receive an official SAP certificate C_TS410.

Our courses are offered twice a year. To avoid a conflict with the universities' regular examination phases, the courses start in mid-May (spring semester) and in mid-November (winter semester). The course duration is approx. 4 months. Thanks to the support on 7 days a week, so including weekends, you have maximum flexibility when working on the courses. The workload per course is 180 hours, which corresponds to 6 ECTS.

If you are not sure whether your background knowledge is sufficient, you should consult the program director. Based on our experience we can work out together which of our courses fit with your background and support your future career plannings.

We accept enrolled students only. Guest and visiting students are not allowed to participate in our program. If you are unsure if you are eligible to participate in our courses, please send us an e-mail to info@erp4students.org. If you are not a student anymore but are still interested in SAP courses, please consult the website of SAP Education.

Our courses are offered online only. If you would like to attend classes in attendance, please consult the website of SAP Education.

Please consult our program manager. Do not forget to indicate your course of study and your current semester of study. We cooperate with a number of distance learning institutes.

That does not matter for your participation. During your registration for a course, indicate your university at home. Afterwards, please send us a confirmation from the home university as well as the host university.

That's no problem. Visit www.erp4students.org and select the region in which your home university is located to be redirected to the website for your region.

The courses of a module build on each other. In order to complete a course for advanced students, the knowledge from the basic course is absolutely necessary. Only all courses of a module together prepare for the SAP consultant certification exam. After the successful completion of the individual courses, a certificate from the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences will be issued. This certificate shows the topics and tasks of the respective course.

If you already have previous knowledge and it is clear from the course descriptions for you that you already know the contents of the introductory course, it is also possible to start directly with an advanced course. However, this happens at your own risk.

Some participants book, for example, two or even more courses in parallel. It depends on your time budget since each course has an average workload of 180 hours (= 6 ECTS). In case of booking multiple courses from a successive module (e.g., SAP BW on HANA) you should pay attention to the order in which you have to work on the courses.

Paying by installments is not possible. In order to accommodate you as a student, we offer all courses every semester.

During the registration process, there is a field "Add billing address". Here you can specify an alternate billing address, e.g., if your employer pays for your course participation.

Procedure of the Courses

Please find detailed information in “How does it work?” .

No. The courses run 100% online. The SAP certification exam can also be taken conveniently and online from home (even on weekends).

All courses start on the specified announced date and will go for approximately 4 months. However, the earlier you begin with working on the exercises the earlier you will finish. If you work on the tasks full time, you can finish the course in approximately three weeks.

Be aware that the sending of your university certificate is going to take up to three weeks because it is going to be shipped after the last official day of the course!

The program erp4students is based on a close cooperation between the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences and SAP Next-Gen. By now, there have been more than 60.000 students whom the program has helped to get education in SAP software. Currently, the program is represented in more than 100 countries and it still enjoys increasing popularity. Additionally, the received certificates will enhance your CV enormously and increase your prospects with your future employer.

Furthermore, the practical value of the continuing educational courses (they are more theoretical and methodological) provided by your future employer, will not have the same degree of practicality as our courses with an SAP system have.

At the beginning of the course, you will have the opportunity to download PDF scripts from a platform and the SAP software to install on your computer. When you receive a welcome e-mail, you can find your access data to the platform in the e-mail.

You do not have to buy any additional software. A computer and access to Internet is all you need. We are going to provide further software if it is necessary. Moreover, data sheets can be opened with both Word or OpenOffice.

However, some of the courses (e. g. the SAP BW on HANA modules) require a Microsoft Windows operating system. With the help of virtual machines (free versions are available on the Internet); however, it is possible to emulate the operating system on your computer. Furthermore, you need MS Office 2007 for the BW on HANA module.

Our courses work completely online. If you have any questions in terms of content of the tasks as well as general questions, you can ask them your tutor. If your tutor cannot answer your question, he/she is going to forward it to the relevant person, so that you will receive an answer as soon as possible.

The only courses that require programming experience (e.g., in Java) are the courses within our ABAP module. For all other courses, there are no programming skillsrequired.

Since you just need Internet access to work on a course, this is generally not problematic. Your data is stored on SAP servers. You can also take a two-month break if you like to. Consider, however, that you are the one to manage your time. The case studies must be finished until the end of a course period correctly. It is up to you when and where you are going to work on them.

Examination and Certificates

After an successful completion of a course you will receive a certificate of the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences which is signed by the person responsible and sealed by the Department of Economics. On the back of the certificate, you will find the contents dealt with in the course. Moreover, it indicates the workload of 180 hours / 6 ECTS. You can take this certificate to the examination office at your university and ask for acceptance. It is up to the respective examination office whether it accepts the certificate.

Both TERP10 and TS410 are consultant certifications from SAP. In terms of content, both deal with components and functionalities of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. ERP systems are used within a company in almost every area and process (e. g., in financial accounting, controlling, purchasing, sales, inventory management or location management). TS410 is the follow-up certification of TERP10. While TERP10 deals with the discontinuing product SAP ERP, TS410 focuses on the new SAP S/4HANA system.Here you can find more information about the course Enterprise Resource Planning with SAP S/4HANA (TS410).

After registering for the exam, you will receive the access data for the corresponding SAP portal. You can then schedule an individual exam date to take the exam online from home.

In the exam, the theoretical contents of the course or a module (e.g. BW on HANA) are queried. It's a 3-hour computer exam with multiple-choice questions.

You may repeat the exam twice, in other words take it three times. Of course, if you book the exam again, you only have to pay the exam fee. However, the condition is that you are still officially enrolled as a student.

If you still want to take the certification exam after graduating, you can do so directly through SAP Education. All important information and prices can be found on the SAP Education website. It's best to enter the name of the desired exam in the search field (e.g. C_TS410_1709), this will get you to your destination the fastest.

The digital certificate from the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences is usually sent out about one week after the course has been successfully completed. So you don't have to wait until the end of the course term for your certificate, but can use the certificate for applications or credits immediately after passing the course. SAP SE does no longer issue any physical versions of the certificates. After the exam, you will receive an e-mail from SAP SE with an attached digital version of the certificate. Please also check your spam and junk folder regularly. If you have not received the e-mail, please contact us or the SAP Education directly.

We have put together many information on that topic in our column “Career”. Almost every decision-maker in HR departments agrees on the fact that a certificate enhances a CV enormously and increases the prospects of getting a job position.

The certificate of the university is popular because it certifies the practice with the SAP system (i. e. the work-out of the case studies). The SAP certificate is, in general, eminent in economic and industrial context.

You must have take part in the courses of the respective modules with erp4students to attend the respective examination.

The scripts which we provide for you prepare you well for the respective exams. You do not need to buy additional books etc. Our scripts are divided into theoretical and practical parts. First, there is theory which is important for the exam. It is followed by the practical part which contains the work on a real SAP system. The practical part is substantial for the successful completion of the case studies and therefore an essential part of the university certificate. You must have an idea of all theoretical chapters for the examination. Moreover, we provide a folder for exam preparation on the Moodle platform. There are all important information concerning the exam.

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