November 2024 - March 2025

Jump-Start Your Career!

There are numerous opportunities to gain a foothold in the steadily growing and evolving IT industry as well as, and especially, in the field of SAP. But for (future) graduates, there are often a few questions left. Which job is right for me? How does the working day in my dream job look like? How do I find the right employer? What additional skills will help me differentiate myself from other applicants?

In our career section, we take a look behind the scenes and provide you with fresh trends and new perspectives on topics related to job entry and the job market in general, as well as insights into the working and project life of employees from the most diverse areas of the ITC sector. For wishes, suggestions and criticism, we always have an open ear. Just write us on the contact form and we'll see if we can find a way to accommodate your topic in our career section.

What job opportunities do I have?

You want to make a career in the world of SAP, but you do not know what kind of career opportunities you have? We have worked out the three largest and most important sectors for you. With one click on one of the buttons, you will get directly to the respective job profile(s), which will be explained there in more detail.

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