November 2019 - March 2020

SAP CRM - Applications and Customizing

This course covers the topic of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in general and the use of IT (SAP CRM), which automates, manages and improves the customer relationship management in a company.

The participants will gain in-depth knowledge of the theoretical basics of customer relationship management with SAP CRM and a broad overview of all the functions provided by the software. The course participants learn using SAP CRM and deepen their previously acquired theoretical knowledge by carrying out practical tasks directly in the SAP system, using integrated business processes case studies. The complete spectrum of the functions of the SAP CRM system is covered with the theoretical basics and practical case studies: Basics, CRM analytics, CRM marketing, CRM sales, CRM services, Web Channel and Partner Channel Management, Interaction Center and WebClient User Interface. The course also covers the functions for customizing the core areas of the SAP CRM system. Furthermore, there is also an introduction into the technical aspects of CRM middleware.

Learning targets

On completing the course, participants will have a well-founded, theoretical knowledge of technical aspects of the SAP CRM system, its organizational structure, and integration of a wide range of business processes and functions.

Students will be able to orient themselves quickly in unknown CRM systems due to the practical case studies which are part of the course. The participants will gain well-founded skills and knowledge of the following SAP CRM functions:

  • SAP CRM WebClient User Interface
    • WCUI-Business Rules
    • WCUI-Navigation Bar
    • WCUI-Architecture
    • WCUI-Configuration
    • WCUI-Extensibility Tool and Component Enhancement Concept
    • Basics
    • Analytics
    • Marketing
    • Web Channel and Partner Channel Management
    • Sales (includes SAP ERP)
    • Interaction Center
    • Services
  • SAP CRM Customizing
    • Business Partners (includes SAP ERP)
    • Organizational Management (includes SAP ERP)
    • Product Master (includes SAP ERP)
    • Transaction Processing
    • Activity Management
    • Partner Processing
    • Actions
    • Pricing
    • Billing (includes SAP ERP)
  • CRM Middleware
    • SAP CRM Architecture
    • Data Exchange with SAP ERP
    • SAP CRM Middleware Operations
    • Error Handling, Troubleshooting, and Data Integrity

The course participants learns the practical use of the above mentioned SAP CRM components and their integration in complex business processes by engaging with the theoretical basics, processing integrated business process scenarios and system customizing (using case studies). Hence, the participant is able to understand SAP CRM's functions and to familiarize himself quickly with a previously unknown SAP CRM system.


  • SAP CRM – WebClient User Interface
  • SAP CRM – Basics
  • SAP CRM – Analytics
  • SAP CRM – Marketing
  • SAP CRM – Sales
  • SAP CRM – Services
  • SAP CRM – Web Channel and Partner Channel Management
  • SAP CRM – Interaction Center
  • SAP CRM Customizing
  • CRM Middleware

SAP Certification Exam

After successfully completing the course "SAP CRM - Applications and Customizing" students are issued the certificate of the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences. The official SAP certification in SAP CRM called "SAP Certified Application Associate - CRM Fundamentals with SAP CRM 7.3" (C_TCRM20_73) requires the knowledge of this course contents.

The work on the course can be done online from home. The SAP certificate exam, however, has to be taken online from home. For more information, please click here.

Important information in brief

  • total workload: The course requires a workload of 150 - 180 hours / 6 ECTS
  • Language: English
  • System requirements: PC with internet access
  • other requirements: For participants without knowledge of SAP ERP we urgently suggest the previous or parallel participation in the course Enterprise Resource Planning with SAP S/4HANA (TS410).
  • Course certificates:
    • Certificate by Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences when all case studies are completed successfully in SAP CRM during the course
    • Original SAP certificate "SAP Certified Application Associate - CRM Fundamentals with SAP CRM 7.3" if SAP certification exam was passed successfully 
  • Course Fee: 450 €
  • SAP Exam Fee: 190 €


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