November 2024 - March 2025

Job Profile: SAP Development

ABAP is the SAP programming language. The syntax of the programming language is similar to COBOL, but it is very different from languages such as Java, C, or Python. Since ABAP is a non-standardized programming language, it is only used in connection with SAP programs. However, ABAP has powerful concepts for developing business applications in this environment. Since 1990, ABAP has also been a so-called object-oriented programming language.

As an SAP developer, you work closely with other software engineers. Together, you will develop, implement and maintain the modules and features of the software that works for your customer or employer. Specifically, these can be architectures, applications and specific solutions.

Are you striving for a career as an SAP developer/programmer and want to master and understand ABAP and learn how to solve practical problems in an SAP system? You want to use the necessary tools of the internal programming environment of the SAP system, and you also want to understand how the language is integrated into the overall system? Then our ABAP module (with SAP certification) is just the right choice!

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